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The College of Computing Learning Center (CCLC) is staffed by upper-level undergraduate students and supported by Michigan Tech's College of Computing. The CCLC is completely online until further notice.

The friendly CCLC coaches are available online via Zoom according to the schedule below.  Just use the link at right or below to get the help you need to succeed in your computing courses. Appointments are available but not necessary. 

The CCLC coaches are here to help you learn, not to complete your work for you. You are free to contact coaches for help with: homework, broad topics, programming tips, and more. However, coaches cannot do the work for you!

CCLC Schedule, Summer 2021

7 PM - 10 PM

Colin A.

Sarah L.

Colin A.

Sarah L.

Colin A.

Sarah L.

Colin A.

Sarah L.

Colin A.

Sarah L.

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Zoom Sessions

A landing point for students seeking help from CCLC coaches, who help with homework, broad topics, programming tips, and more. Coaches assess a student’s needs and either provide quick pointers or invite the student(s) into a Zoom meeting room for more targeted tutoring.

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Appointments are 30-minutes. Include a description and check CCLC Coaches page to verify that coach has taken the course for which you need help. Not all coaches can help with every class! NOTE: A student should schedule at most one appointment per day.

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More CCLC Resources

CCLC Canvas

The CCLC shares information and posts short tutorials and quizzes to help students review course topics.
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CCLC Discord

The CCLC Discord is a place where students can ask questions of CCLC coaches. Please note the rules and instructions on the welcome page.

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The Infinite Loop

Explore, Learn, Code, Repeat. Resources from the CCLC coaches for fun and learning.

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