School of Business and Economics

Experiential Learning

Each major offered within the School of Business and Economics has identified a specific way to impart experiential learning.  This could either be conducting market research, managing complex projects, developing a business around an idea or a technological invention, undertaking internships, etc.  

Listed below is information on the specifics of experiential learning as offered by each major within the School of Business and Economics.

  • Accounting: Attestation and Assurance (Course ACC 4100)
  • Engineering Management: Enterprise program related courses
  • Finance:  Applied Portfolio Management Program (APMP) (Courses FIN 4800, 4801, 4802)
  • Management: Managing Change (Course MGT 4500)
  • Management with Entrepreneurship Concentration: Business Development Experiences (Course BUS 4991, 4992)
  • Management with Supply Chain and Operations Management Concentration: Advanced Project Management (Course OSM 4200)
  • Management Information System: Information Systems Projects (Course MIS 4100)
  • Marketing: Marketing Research (MKT 3600)