Xiaohu (Mark) Tang

Xiaohu (Mark) Tang


  • Associate Professor
  • Dept. of Biological Sciences
  • PhD, The Weizmann Institute of Science


At the intersection of cancer metabolism and functional genomics, our laboratory is dedicated to deciphering the complexity of cancer metabolic deregulation and the impact of metabolisms in cancer onset and progression. Our relentless pursuit is to unravel the intricate underlying mechanisms, which serves as the foundation for our exploration of innovative and practical therapeutic applications for patients. Additionally, our in-depth understanding of the interactions between diet and cancer has the potential to pioneer strategies for proactive, long-term cancer prevention.

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Research Interests

  • Cancer Genetics and Metabolism
  • Mechanisms of Cancer Initiation and Progression
  • Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • Interactions of Diet and Nutrition with Cancer