Erika I. Hersch-Green

Erika I. Hersch-Green


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  • Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
  • MS, University of California, Davis - Population Biology
  • PhD, University of Oregon - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Research Description

Erika is a plant evolutionary ecologist. Her work integrates the theory and techniques from population and community ecology, evolution, and functional, molecular and population genetics to disentangle the mechanisms that drive changes in terrestrial plant populations and their extended communities.

Current projects in the lab are diverse but generally fall into two non-mutually exclusive categories: (1) understanding how hybridization, gene or genome duplication (polyploidy), and breeding systems contribute to genetic diversity and affect evolutionary and ecological trajectories, and (2) understanding how plants interact with their environment and respond to multiple abiotic and biotic selection pressures including how they respond to environmental gradients, climate changes, and invasive species, and what makes species invasive in some ranges but not others.

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Research Interests

  • Plant Evolutionary Ecology
  • Ecological Genetics
  • Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics