AMP-UP Cross-Functional Teams

The AMP-UP approach uses six cross-functional teams. The three initiative teams are Scholarship and Research Dynamics, Unit Climate, and Dual Career. The three process function teams are Data Collection and Analysis, Program Development and Implementation, and Continuous Improvement.

  • The Research and Scholarship Dynamics team focuses on initiatives addressing faculty research support and progress. One initiative currently in the pilot stage is the Early Career Management program which pairs new faculty members with senior members in advocacy committees that meet monthly during the new member’s first year.
  • The Unit Climate initiative team focuses on promoting an equitable and supportive climate in all academic units. Along with current initiatives like the Diversity Literacy Certification process and the next campus climate survey now under development, this team is investigating climate factors that affect the retention of faculty as well as model practices already in use.
  • The Dual Career initiative team focuses on dual career challenges that occur after hiring. This team investigates how dual career issues affect retention across the career path, including the perceptions of both partners in a dual career relationship, in order to create satisfactory career opportunities that support faculty retention.
  • The Data Collection and Analysis team engages in a rigorous, systematic approach to collect, archive, and present the data necessary to justify the development and tracking of the primary initiatives.
  • The Programs and Interventions team offers a repertoire of (internal and external) programs available to academic units to advance faculty career development and promote a climate of equity and support.
  • The Continuous Improvement team arranges for and facilitates Lean events requested by initiatives teams. The CI team also provides protocols to assess the value of AMP-UP processes in order to avoid perpetuating the status quo rather than striving for inclusiveness and diversity.