The ADVANCE Initiative

History of ADVANCE at Michigan Tech

2018 ADVANCE Adaptation Grant

In September 2018, NSF awarded a $1 million ADVANCE Adaptation grant to a team of Michigan Tech faculty: PI Adrienne Minerick (SoT) and Co-PIs Sonia Goltz (SBE), Audrey Mayer (SFRES), Patty Sotirin (HU), and Andrew Storer (SFRES). The three-year grant will focus on adapting programs from other ADVANCE institutions to fit the Michigan Tech culture in order to promote faculty success, promotion, and retention. Michigan Tech has been a participant in the NSF ADVANCE vision of STEM equity and campus-wide faculty advancement since 2006.

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2017 ADVANCE IT Pre-proposal

The Michigan Tech PI team (Adrienne Minerick, lead PI; Jackie Huntoon, Sonia Goltz, and Patty Sotirin) submitted a preproposal for consideration in the 2017 NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation cycle: “Continuous Improvement AMP-UP Processes to Transform Leadership and Climate in STEM.” The ADVANCE Matrix Process for University Programs (AMP-UP) is an innovative approach to engage and continuously improve climate, simultaneously serving as a venue that enables leadership growth opportunities for women and traditionally under utilized individuals and equity for all faculty throughout their career trajectories.

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2016 NSF ADVANCE IT proposal [not funded]

A proposal for an NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation grant, “Continuous Improvement AMP-UP Processes to Transform Climate in STEM,” was submitted in January 2016. The proposal was not funded but preparatory activities included the development of what is now the Advance Matrix Process for University Programs or AMP-UP.

AMP-UP is a campus transforming process that was developed in accord with the call for proposals for an NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation grant. According to the NSF ADVANCE website, an Institutional Transformation grant “is meant to produce large-scale comprehensive change and serve as a locus for research on gender equity and institutional transformation for academic STEM.” The Michigan Tech IT proposal detailed a research process affecting data-driven transformational climate change toward equity and inclusiveness in faculty career development.

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2014-2015 Preparatory Lean Activities

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2011-2014 Policy Updates and Development

Numerous policies were updated or developed between ~2011 and 2014. These policies and practices are outlined below along with a brief description of each.

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2006-2011 NSF ADVANCE PAID Grant

The first ADVANCE grant was proposed in January of 2008 and was funded with a start date of September 1, 2008. The original end date was August 31, 2011, and the grant was extended for one year to August 31, 2012. This first grant was aimed at catalyzing change in the gender diversity of the faculty. The initiatives were grounded in innovative and transformative best practices at Michigan Tech and at other university-recipients of ADVANCE grants.

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