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Visual and Performing Arts degrees at Michigan Tech put you in charge of the audience experience, from classical theatrical productions to unique entertainment opportunities in unusual places. Are you ready to run the show?

Be a part of the Visual and Performing Arts department at Michigan Tech. The areas of study within the Visual and Performing Arts department— audio production and technology, sound design, and theatre and entertainment technology—help you develop creativity, self-motivation, and concrete goals—artistic, practical, and analytical attributes that, combined with academic performance, add up to success.

You’ll work side-by-side with faculty, staff, and visiting touring artists as you explore areas of interest and hone your craft. Complete your technical arts training in state-of-the-art facilities with unlimited studio access and a computer lab equipped with the latest entertainment-dedicated software.

You’ll work closely with faculty and your advisor to track progress and stay on course. Our faculty have “been there and done that,” so they’re in a great position to offer you career-development guidance, from student internships to post-graduation employment in the industry. They introduce you to networks and help you to present your work at professional industry events.

Bachelor's Degrees

Audio Production and Technology—BS

A degree in audio production and technology from Michigan Technological University is valued by the industry; like many of our graduates, you'll walk into high-level jobs as a project engineer, AV integrator, acoustic consultant, and more after graduation. Learn the tools, techniques, equipment, and theories of sound production during numerous opportunities to work with faculty, in intentionally small classes, and with 24/7 access to studios and equipment.

Sound Design—BA

Focus on sound effects in storytelling: film, TV, theater, video games, theme parks, virtual/augmented reality, and the venues of tomorrow. Hiring companies see your degree in sound design from Michigan Technological University as a valued credential. Many of our students walk into high-level jobs after graduation. That’s because we cover the full spectrum of sound, from recording, mixing, and mastering to narrative analysis. The program is built on strong technical arts components. You'll hone skills in surround-sound production rooms for cinema, theatre, and gaming. Unlike many programs elsewhere, Michigan Tech students have complete access to studios and equipment.

Theatre and Entertainment Technology—BS

Craft, draft, build, manage, or technically direct the backstage technology that the entertainment industry demands for all types of live entertainment productions. A degree in theatre and entertainment technology from Michigan Tech provides a strong knowledge base. Combine practical creativity and design with craft, innovation, technology, and entrepreneurial training. Integrate another field of study into your program mix—like engineering, computing, or business—to adapt your education to your specific talents and interests.

  • 8:1
    student-faculty ratio
  • 9
    minors to help you customize your degree
  • 15+
    performances of Tech theatre productions
  • 20+
    student music ensemble performances
  • 97%
    job placement rate

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Learn more about the Visual and Performing Arts undergraduate degree programs at Michigan's flagship technological university.

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Tour Creative Spaces

Gain Valuable Experience in World Class Facilities

Find your place among the innovators, problem solvers, artists, and critical thinkers in the Visual and Performing Arts Department. Take a tour of our studios, performance, and exhibition spaces. Hear from your professors. Unleash your creativity!


Play an instrument. Sing in an ensemble. Act. Sculpt. Sew. Build. Students from all majors can perform, design, compose, and lead with a minor in the Visual and Performing Arts Program. We emphasize artistic, practical, and analytical attributes that round out your education and create lifetime memories. To learn more speak to an academic advisor.

Visual and Performing Arts Minors 

Undergraduate Advising

One-on-one advising keeps you moving forward. You'll consider summer internships, jobs, résumé, and portfolio preparation—everything you need to complete your degree and line up the kind of work you want and build the career you desire.

VPA Undergraduate Advising

Full STEAM Ahead

Combine your love of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math (STEAM) into a career that requires creative, artistic, and technical skills. In the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, we emphasize creativity, self-motivation, and concrete goals—attributes that, combined with academic performance, add up to success. Develop critical skills to continue as a lifelong learner who adapts to ever-evolving entertainment industry technology. Our programs and faculty engage students and enrich campus by involving scholars from diverse fields in ambitious and meaningful projects, exhibitions, and performances. 

  • Access state-of-the-art facilities: Michigan Tech’s Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts—the region’s premier performing arts center—and the Walker Arts and Humanities Center are home to a traditional performance hall, flexible black box space, costume and scene shops, and a packed schedule of multimedia events. Work side-by-side with faculty on Michigan Tech productions and complete high-tech training in all aspects of the profession in well-equipped shops, labs, and performance venues—many with 24/7 access. 
  • Get personalized attention: With a student-faculty ratio of 8:1, you can build valuable relationships with world-class professors. Our limited enrollment allows for smaller classes, personal quality educational time with faculty and staff, and more exploratory time in the studio (with industry-specific equipment and tools).
  • Build a career: Working one-on-one with your advisor, understand how to develop your career path—from student internships to post-graduation employment in the industry. Develop networks and strengthen your presentation and interview skills at professional industry conferences and events. Build your professional portfolio. Graduate prepared for a thrilling career in the arts and entertainment industry.
  • Get involved: Join the 250-member strong Huskies Pep Band or one of 12 other ensembles. Get involved with any of our 30+ music performances, 6+ art exhibitions or events, and 4 theatre productions. Or join any number of professional organizations on campus WMTU ; Audio Engineering Society ; Mu Beta Psi (national music fraternity, non-music majors welcome).

Tomorrow Needs You

The world of entertainment is being transformed by technology, with applications expanding into event staging, museum displays, themed retail events, theme parks, and more. Supercharge your creative, analytical, and technical skills at a flagship public research university powered by science, technology, engineering, and math. Graduate with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to entertain the world.

"Because we are such a small department, it’s very supportive of things I’ve been interested in and helping me achieve my goals through experience and different hands-on ways to get involved."Drew Stockero, '20 BS Audio Production and Technology