Visual and Performing Arts

Theatre Spaces


McArdle Theatre

Rozsa 207

Contact: George Hommowun

The McArdle Theatre is a large black box theatre that we use for many purposes including theatre shows, music festivals, gated anechoic testing for loudspeaker design, and art installations. With ETC lighting control, a wide variety of available lighting instruments, a collection of sound consoles/microphones/loudspeakers, and an installed BSS DSP system, McArdle has considerable technology to help us realize the craziest ideas.

All sound majors are required to do a major production in this space their third year. The surround systems used have varied from twenty-two to thirty-seven loudspeakers and three to seven computers. This technical complexity allows the students to create a sound world that is a seamless part of the production, with the audience unaware of the technical sophistication. Through this project, students are prepared for working on large professional productions and installations from major musicals to theme park experiences.

James and Margaret Black Performance Hall

Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts

Contact: Mary Jennings

The Rozsa's Black Auditorium performance hall is a proscenium space with variable acoustics and sophisticated lighting, sound, and projection technology. Students in VPA programs work on a variety of in-house productions as well as touring professional shows.

Student adjusting another student's hair.
One student in the forefront braiding her hair with another student in the background get her hair adjusted.
Student threading thread through a sewing machine.
Student using a sewing machine to sew a piece of costuming.
A rack of shoes that where made in the Costume Shop.
Multiple levels of costumes hanging inside the Costume Shop
Faculty M.C. Friedrich showing a piece of fabric to a student.
Students selecting fabric from binds on the floor of the Costume Shop.
Students sitting at sewing machines.
A performer modeling a white dress with lace and tooling with a headband.
Model posing and extending her arms in a colorful costume with newsprint wings on her arms held with string.
Close up of a performer with red circle cheeks, a padded chest piece and a feather boa around the neck.
Three male performers in decorative tunics holding their right arms up in exhalation. The middle performer is wearing a crown.

Costume Shop

Rozsa 204

Contact: M.C. Friedrich

Space to learn the art of costume design, with several periods of costumes in house.

Scene Shop

Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts

Contact: Kent Cyr

Space dedicated to constructing larger student projects and scene sets for performances.


Lighting and Sound Lab

Walker 210

Contact: Christopher Plummer

The Lighting and Sound Lab is a versatile space dedicated to the exploration of sound, lighting, theater, dance, and intimate performances.

Two students sitting inside the CAML Design Lab in front of computers
Student sitting inside the CAML Design Lab in front of computers

CAML Design Lab

Rozsa 213

Contact: Christopher Plummer

Computing lab with 2D and 3D CAD (VectorWorks, AutoCAD, and more), acoustical modeling software (EASE, RPG, and more), video production (After Effects, Adobe Premier), audio production (Logic, ProTools, Melodyne, AudioEase, and more), notation (Finale and Sibelius), and much more. There are multiple production and individual workstations as well as a 5.1 Surround Sound workstation available.