What is LeaderShape®?

LeaderShape® is a community of individuals working to create a world that does not exist right now except in moments. We have never been more connected and yet so alone, we are desperate to be apart of something that matters. 

  • Vision: A just, caring, and thriving world where all lead with integrity and a healthy disregard for the impossible.
  • Mission: To transform the world by increasing the number of people who lead with integrity and a healthy disregard for the impossible.

Through a strong and well-established curriculum that has evolved over the years, LeaderShape focuses on developing participants’:

  • self-efficacy; leadership confidence
  • integrity as a core value of leadership
  • ability to contribute to creating equitable and caring communities

What LeaderShape® Programs are offered at Michigan Tech?

We are proud to offer LeaderShape® Institute and Catalyst. The LeaderShape® Institute is an in-depth 4-Day leadership development experience that is designed to help young leaders learn to “lead with integrity”.  LeaderShape® Catalyst is a one-day program focused on learning to develop your own authentic path. 

2018 participants batting a balloon around the room.
2019 students holding one person.
2015 two participants pointing at the camera.
Leadershape 2020 group huddle
2015 participants.
2009 group photo with balloons.
2015 participants in front of an audience with hands on hips.
2012 actvitiy with large piles of balloons.
2019 participants doing an activity putting post-it notes on flipchart papers.
2014 Leadershape participants sitting at a table.
Leadershape 2020 students doing an activity.
2020 Leadershape students standing in a row.
2017 LeaderShape group