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Seeking Cluster Facilitators for Institute 2022

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Cluster Facilitator

The Family Cluster is the formal support and reference group for the participants during the week, and the Cluster Facilitator serves as the group's resource, catalyst, and facilitator. Because the Cluster Facilitator has considerable interaction with the participants, he/she is one of the most valuable members of the facilitator team during The LeaderShape Institute. The Cluster Facilitator will support participants as they develop their Breakthrough Blueprints and encourage positive interpersonal and group skills in a safe and trusting setting. Cluster Facilitators are also encouraged to maintain contact with members of their Family Cluster following The LeaderShape Institute. This contact helps participants "stay in action" to successfully achieve their visions after the program.

Specific roles within the Family Cluster and Learning Community include:

  • Modeling leadership behavior and acting with integrity
  • Clarifying, summarizing, and sharing ideas
  • Guiding group discussions
  • Teaching selected segments of the curriculum
  • Establishing a climate conducive to learning
  • Challenging thinking and encouraging reflection and feedback

Cluster Facilitator Job Description

What happens at the LeaderShape® Institute?

Utilizing highly interactive program methods rather than classroom lectures, everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner.  The majority of work is done in a large group called the Learning Community.  From this larger group, smaller groups, called Family Clusters, are formed where participants work on their vision statements.  The Family Cluster provides a supportive, safe environment that promotes learning and the development of new skills and attitudes.

At the LeaderShape® Institute, participants create a LeaderShape® Breakthrough Blueprint they can begin to implement as soon as they leave.  The objective of each participant’s blueprint is to produce extraordinary results in their organization and their institution during the next nine to 12 months.

The Michigan Tech LeaderShape® Institute

The Michigan Tech LeaderShape® Institute will take place in early January (at the end of winter break) at the Ford Center in Alberta, MI.  There is a minimal cost to attend the Institute, however you must be selected through an application process to become a participant.  All transportation to and from the Institute will be provided along with meals and lodging.  Participants must be available and are expected to stay for the entire length of the institute.

The Michigan Tech LeaderShape® Institute continues to be very popular after over a 25 year relationship.

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On-Site Coordinators

The LeaderShape® On-Site Coordinator is an integral part of ensuring a successful institute. Each year, Michigan Tech enlists the assistance of two LeaderShape® graduates to assist in carrying out the logistical and conference management tasks which are crucial to the program. The On-Site Coordinator should be one step ahead of the curriculum so that all details are organized at the beginning of each program piece. All applicants for the position must be graduates of the LeaderShape® Institute. On-Site Coordinator Applications for 2022 will open in Fall 2021.