Peri J. Ozker

Peri  Ozker
  • MS Biological Sciences 1977
  • BS Biological Sciences 1974

Peri Ozker received a B.S. degree in Biology in 1974, followed by a M.S. degree in 1977. After leaving Michigan Tech she first supervised a clinical microbiology laboratory and then returned to graduate school in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan to receive a second master's degree in Epidemiology in 1983. She relocated to Cambridge, Massachusetts where she began a distinguished career in the biotechnology industry.

She is currently Associate Director of Microbiology for Quality Control at the Genetics Institute, supervising a staff of more than 40 microbiologists and technicians in support of GI's biopharmaceutical product manufacturer.

From 1997 Induction to the College of Sciences and Arts Academy