SAIS Services Provided

Tapper File - Event Submission Upload

Click here to access the event submission tool. This tool lets you upload an event tapper file (in .csv format) and retrieve attendee information. Your ISO credentials are required to login.

Requesting Student Information

Michigan Tech faculty, staff, student organizations, and administrators are able to request student information through SAIS.

Statement of Confidentiality

The student information provided by any report is intended for University use only, and may only be used within the University policy on confidentiality of student records.

Process Time

Please plan to request reports as early as possible. We work on reports in the order they are received and you may plan for them to be finished in about three days. Whenever possible, we will process results the same day.

Request Support

SAIS investigates problems that have occurred with an existing student information process and explores possible resolution options.

Project Requests

SAIS works on many projects regarding student information. The projects may be expansive and include multiple departments or small and specific to an individual.

To place a request with SAIS email and be as descriptive as possible or create a ticket in the SAIS workspace.