Accounts and Passwords

Your Michigan Tech account is essential to your university experience. You’ll use your account for your Michigan Tech email account, to access wireless, Canvas, Banweb, and any time you need to verify your Michigan Tech identity online.

Your password is equally important. We’ve made password management a secure and simple process that you can use without the need to contact an IT staff member.

Set up password management at the Michigan Tech Account Center.

Michigan Tech ID Number

Your Michigan Tech ID number is called your M number. You will need to use this unique identification number for many things on campus, including:

  • As your initial sign-on password for many University web applications
  • Obtaining your HuskyCard
  • Filling out campus forms
  • Taking tests or exams that use "bubble sheets"
  • Paying your bill online via e-check; you will need to enter the last four digits of your M number for verification.