Remote Access Information Guide for Students

This guide outlines things to consider while working from a remote location.  If you need any assistance with the areas discussed below, we can help. 

Using the Campus VPN

The campus VPN gives you a secure connection from your remote location to campus.  A VPN connection is needed to do things like connect to a campus computer with remote desktop. The following links provide instructions on how to connect to the VPN based on operating system:

Software Downloads - Personal Machines

Some software is available for download to your personal machine.  More information is available in our knowledge base article on the Software Distribution Center.

Mounting your Network drives from home

You can mount your home drive and multidrive remotely once you’ve connected to the VPN. Learn how to at: Mounting H: and M: Drives on Windows Machines.

Getting Help

We can help. Michigan Tech IT will continue to monitor email to and phone calls to 906-487-1111.