Michigan Tech Information Technology develops and supports technology solutions that enable Michigan Tech's faculty, students, and staff to excel in teaching, learning, research, scholarship, and public service.

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1 hour ago - 1. Welcome back, Huskies! 2. Isn’t campus beautiful? #michigantech #innovationshore #springbreak #michiganskeweenaw #keweenaw #puremichigan ❄️☀️❄️☀️
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9 hours ago - RT @WCHA_MHockey: When the clock hits 0:00, and you are back-to-back #WCHA champs. @mtuhky #mtuhky #FollowTheHuskies https://t.co/d7K8icSwYa
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22 hours ago - It might seem like clean water magically comes out of your tap. But there's a lot going on behind the scenes at water treatment plants. Two Michigan Tech researchers are pioneering low-tech, affordable solutions to some, ahem, dirty water problems.
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Yesterday - RT @mtuhky: Your 2018 WCHA Playoff Champions! #mtuhky #FollowTheHuskies https://t.co/v8KEDcKi26