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1 hour ago - The cost to build and launch a nanosatellite is about the same as the cost to build and launch a software app. #funfact #michigantech #buildasatellitein30seconds #timelapse #itreallytookfourdays #spacehackers #nanosatellite #aerospace #spacepropulsion @nasa
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19 hours ago - "Engineers handle complexity by simplifying it into different stages of the life cycle and focusing their efforts on one piece at a time."
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Yesterday - Level 5 Leadership. #leadership #MichiganTech https://t.co/OG6GG649bd https://t.co/yZlQjJrfpF
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Yesterday - Zinc shows promise for biodegradable stents that relieve the long-term problems of traditional stents. And you can help make this technology a reality.