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4 hours ago - $78.6 million in research expenditures. 92 percent undergraduate job placement rate.18th in the nation for return on investment. We're ready for tomorrow. Are you? Get started today.
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22 hours ago - Here’s why you should get Grandma a 3-D printer for Christmas. (Or for yourself and print her some nice things.)
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Yesterday - Sound on. During migration, about six birds a day die on campus, a statistic that mirrors the millions of birds — up to a billion — who die in the U.S. each year in window collisions. Such extraordinary numbers alarm biologists and may have consequences for the viability of many songbirds, says ornithologist David Flaspohler, @mtuforestryenv professor and director of undergraduate studies, worked with with student Enterprise team members Phillip Cauley, Marcus Stojcevich and Cole Kendall to help test the team's prototype of an internet-controllable circuit breaker is connected to test sensors, in different shapes and sizes, placed on the glass. The tiny, window-mounted sensor detects vibration and sends a wireless signal to a laptop computer that registers each strike. 🐦 🐦 🐦 Project leader and visual and performing arts assistant professor Lisa Gordillo (cradling a black and white warbler) challenges her design classes to create window treatments for use in specific strike areas - a systematic approach that preserves birds and views. Full story on #michigantechunscripted @audubonsociety @americanbirdconservancy @birdsblooms #birdwindowcollisions #keepemflyin #studententerprise #arts #engineering #science #biology
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Yesterday - "As we move deeper into the 21st century, we face environmental challenges that are bigger than ever before: climate change, invasive species, urbanization. But we also face unprecedented opportunity. With advancements in science and technology, we have the knowledge and ability to engage with the natural environment in a way that is sustainable and promotes a high quality of life." –Andrew Storer, dean of the Michigan Tech School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science