Proposal Routing

Complete proposals are due to the Sponsored Programs Office prior to the Sponsor's deadline. Notification of you intent to submit a proposal at a minimum of two weeks prior to the sponsor's deadline is strongly encouraged. Please review the Internal Deadline Chart to determine a completed proposal's internal deadline.

Once your proposal is complete, including the budget, it needs to be submitted to the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) at least 48 hours prior to the prospective sponsor's deadline date (excluding weekend hours). The SPO staff will not submit a proposal if it is received after the internal deadline, even if it is received prior to the sponsor’s deadline. If a proposal deadline is outside normal business hours, the 48 hour deadline is counted from the end of normal business hours on the due date. You must include a transmittal form with your signature and that of any co-investigators, appropriate deans, directors and department chairs. Also include the Michigan Tech cost share form if appropriate.

The Sponsored Programs office will ensure that the proposal meets sponsor and University requirements. This office will also prepare a letter of transmittal, to accompany the proposal when it is sent to the sponsor, indicating that the proposal is an official proposal from the University. Sponsored Programs will also obtain the appropriate signatures from University officers and, finally, prepare the required number of copies and transmit them to the sponsor.

Note: Due to capacity issues with, we recommend that the complete proposal and all applicable internal paperwork be submitted to the Sponsored Programs staff five business days or more prior to the sponsor’s deadline for submissions.

SPO Review: The Sponsored Programs review includes ensuring the required cover sheets and transmittal forms accompany the proposal, checking the budget and budget justification section, and making sure that all information required by the proposed sponsor is included. This process requires at least two working days.

Limited Submission: When a sponsor limits the number of applications from an institution, each potential proposal starts with a pre-proposal. If the number of pre-proposals exceeds the sponsor's limit, the Vice President for Research office will conduct an internal selection process to determine which proposals will be submitted from Michigan Tech. See the limited submission section for more information.

Electronic Submission: Michigan Tech is developing a policy for electronically submitted proposals. Details will be provided here once they are available.

Proposals to Private Entities: Proposals to private entities have special requirements and typically require extensive negotiations. Commercial contracts may contain legal requirements not appropriate for universities. Sponsored Programs and Innovation & Industry Engagement staff are the Michigan Tech representatives responsible for negotiating terms and conditions on a sponsored agreement.

Sponsored Programs is responsible for reviewing the contract to ensure that it conforms to university requirements. The review may include, but is not limited to consultation with the vice president for research, manager of risk management and insurance, the director of Innovation & Industry Engagement, or legal counsel.

In addition, one of the University's standard agreements may apply.