Proposal Submission

Complete proposals are due to the Sponsored Programs Office prior to the Sponsor's deadline.  Please refer to the Internal Deadline Chart to determine your proposal's internal deadline. Also note: NIH proposals are due one day earlier than the published internal deadline!

A proposal represents a formal offer by Michigan Technological University to enter into a contract or agreement with the potential sponsor. As a result, proposals must be endorsed by the individual(s) who will conduct the project, the appropriate department chair(s) and dean(s), and the person authorized to commit the University to the offer.

By approving proposals in Cayuse, chairs and deans assume the responsibility of assuring the completion of Michigan Tech's obligations under the agreement with the sponsor. See the policy and procedures manual for additional requirements for submitting proposals. 

In addition, please review the list of responsibilities for all parties involved in a sponsored project.

Michigan Tech has developed a routing procedure to ensure that proposals meet University policies and procedures and that all who endorse the proposals understand the University's commitment. Research proposals must receive approval before submittal from the vice president for research.

However, there are instances when a PI can submit a proposal without University review and authorization. Visit Request for External Funding for additional information on when a proposal may be submitted directly to the sponsor without prior University review and authorization.