University and Special Approvals

The Vice President for Research approves most proposals before they are submitted to the potential sponsor. However, there are instances when a PI can submit a proposal without University review and authorization (see Request for External Funding).

A VPR or designated official's must approve proposals in Cayuse and all appropriate proposal forms, certification, and contractual documents. Please review the Proposal Submission Policy for additional information.

University Approvals

The VPR must also approve all proposals and contracts containing provisions for University cost-sharing or University matching funds. Proposals and contracts containing provisions for reduced facilities & administration (F&A) rates, financial contributions not covered by accounts within the academic departments, colleges/schools, or implied commitment of University equipment or facility for which the University is not adequately compensated, must have the approval of the vice president for research or designated official.

Special Approvals

Michigan Tech operates three oversight committees, with specific responsibility for compliance for certain types of research. These committees review research that includes:

No research involving human subjects or materials, animals, RDNA, or biologies may begin without the approval of the appropriate committee.

New courses/programs must be approved through normal university processes, including the University Senate and Provost.

Special facilities/services—The need for Michigan Tech resources' or facilities not under the control of the principal investigator's department or college must be disclosed. Approval of the appropriate person or persons must be included in writing.

Conflict of interest—Conflicts can be divided into two basic categories: opportunities for inappropriate personal gain during the pursuit of official duties, and conflict of commitment, mainly referring to professional priorities. Please review the appropriate section of the Board of Trustees Policy Manual and complete a conflict of interest disclosure if you believe a potential conflict, or the perception of a conflict, may exist.

Facilities and Administration (F&A) Reduction Waiver—F&A is charged at a rate approved by the Office of Naval Research. Proposals requesting a reduction or waiver of these charges require the approval of the Vice President for Research. The voluntary F&A reduction/waiver form also requires the endorsement of the department chair/director and dean.

Research restricting the involvement of foreign nationals—At times, the principles of academic freedom and national security conflict. When the Sponsored Programs Office identifies clauses restricting publication or prohibiting/limiting participation by foreign nationals in research award documents, SPO will contact the Principal Investigator (PI) and unit administrator (Department Chair/School Dean) to discuss the particular clauses, their impact on the project, and monitoring of compliance if the project is accepted. Read more about this policy and discussion.

Export Control—Export control regulations cover virtually all fields of science and engineering. Unlicensed export of certain materials or information is prohibited, but there is an exclusion for fundamental research. Read a complete discussion of these regulations.