Protocol Submission (eIRB)

On January 1, 2024, the Office of Research Integrity will be using the new Cayuse system as the new electronic submission system for Human (IRB), Animal (IACUC), and Biosafety (IBC) protocol management.  The current system, IRBNet, will be phased out in late December (see detailed timeline below). New users should start their submissions in Cayuse. Current users can continue using IRBNet following the detailed timeline below. “Legacy” studies will be available to view and submit modifications to within Cayuse. Cayuse will be used to prepare and submit all initial human subjects research studies, as well as make modifications, request renewal, and report incidents. More about Cayuse at Michigan Tech.

Action Item Date
Cayuse IRB open for submissions November 1, 2023
Cayuse IRB Training Session - VPR Research Series November 7, 2023
No IRB submissions (final transition) December 20-31, 2023
Cayuse required for all submissions January 1, 2024
IRBNet available for read-only Until May 1, 2024

NOTE: if NEW USERS need to submit a protocol between November 1 - December 20, 2023 and are not currently registered in IRBNet, submit your protocol through Cayuse. If you are already registered in IRBNet, IRBNet submissions will be reviewed, but please consider creating your protocol in Cayuse.

Cayuse Human Ethics (eIRB)

IRBNet (closing December 20, 2023