Responsible Conduct of Research

Michigan Tech has developed several  training programs to support graduate students in their professional development and fulfill obligations to sponsors or our research programs.

Responsible conduct of research or RCR training is a requirement for researchers that are funded by NIH, NSF and USDA NIFA.  

This Federal RCR training requirement places the primary responsibility for the ethical conduct of research upon individual researchers and research institutions. Although RCR training is only mandated by some funding agencies, Michigan Tech expects all researchers, regardless of their funding source, to complete some form of RCR training, to ensure consistency in its RCR training program.  

The overall Goals of RCR training are to empower researchers the with ability to make responsible and ethical decisions about their research and to foster and maintain a culture of research success and integrity by providing researchers with an understanding of common mistakes that can derail an otherwise successful research program.  

Granting agencies do not specifically dictate how institutions should meet the RCR training requirement. However, it is considered important at all stages in scientist’s career development: Undergraduate. Graduate, Postdoctoral, Research scientist and Faculty. 

Information about enrolling in online Responsible Conduct of Research training can be found at: Responsible Conduct of Research training.