Michigan Technological University maintains a vivarium, known as the Animal Care Facility or ACF. 

ACF tours are available only for educational purposes to individuals such as visiting faculty or graduate students. Please send an email to to schedule a visit. 

All persons who wish to obtain access to the ACF must be on an active IACUC protocol, receive proper training, go through an ACF Orientation and complete an occupational health screening visit. 

Steps to Obtain Access

  1. Complete all appropriate CITI Training.
  2. Receive approval of addition to active IACUC protocol. The Principal Investigator listed on the protocol must add all individuals. 
  3. Schedule an Occupational Health Screening Visit with the Upper Great Lakes Houghton Family Health Center. See instructions for scheduling.
  4. Schedule an ACF Orientation (email
  5. Prior to the ACF Orientation, fill out the Access Request form. 
  6. Bring the Access Request form to the ACF Orientation. 

Reporting Concerns about Animal Care and Use

Anyone who has a concern about any aspect of animal care and use at Michigan Tech or who wants to express a complaint about how animals are being treated is encouraged to contact the Research Integrity Office at 906-487-2902 or Reports made will be delivered to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Chair for further action. Strict confidentiality will be maintained to the extent possible and allowable by law. No adverse action will be taken against anyone making a good-faith report of noncompliance.

If individuals are not comfortable reporting directly to the Research Integrity Office, Michigan Tech has partnered with a third party service to provide a confidential and anonymous way to report activities that may involve fraud, misconduct, or violations of Michigan Tech policy. The instructions for reporting and a link to the third party service website can be found at Michigan Tech Hotline.