Animal Care Facility (ACF)

The Animal Care Facility (ACF) provides the Michigan Technological University research community with animal care, procurement services, veterinary knowledge, and maintenance of housing facilities for animal-related research activities.

Regulatory oversight for all research animal care is managed by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Day-to-day management of animal care facilities and provision of veterinary care is the responsibility of ACF. The ACF directly manages primary housing facility and surgical suites and indirectly oversees satellite animal procedure laboratories in collaboration with the IACUC.

Michigan Tech maintains the highest standards of animal care; conforms to all ethical, legal and safety regulations; and only uses animals when there is no accurate, scientifically validated alternative.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Cage changing and cage washing
  • Providing food and water to the animals
  • Daily food, water, and health checks
  • Monitoring of cage/room environmental conditions
  • Cleaning and maintenance of animal rooms, equipment, and facilities
  • Providing clean cages for transporting animals
  • Receiving animal shipments and transferring animals to cages in their assigned rooms


Description Unit Rate Effective
Small Cage per cage $1.20/day 10/12/23 - 09/30/2025
Large Cage per cage $1.75/day 10/1/23 - 09/30/2025
Rabbit per cage $4.60/day 10/12/23 - 09/30/2025

Access and Training Information

All users are required to complete Occupational Health and Safety Screening, facility orientation, and any required CITI program training related to their approved protocol.  Training requirements and further instructions and resources can be found on the Training site or under Resources on the right.

Additional Resources and Forms

A variety of commonly used forms can be found on the Resources and Forms site or on the right.