IACUC Policy #9: Using Designated Member Review Following Full Committee Review

As of Date: August 5, 2022

Policy Application

This policy applies to using Designated Member Review procedures following a Full Committee Review of an Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC) application.

This policy is intended to address PHS / OLAW's requirements and to meet the requirements outlined in our PHS Assurance.

Current Policy

The following was unanimously approved at the June 3, 2022 convened IACUC meeting; all members were present.

"I agree that a quorum of IACUC members at a convened meeting may unanimously vote to allow the use of Designated Member Review for subsequent reviews of a protocol that requires modifications following a Full Committee Review. I also understand that any member of the IACUC may, at any time, request to see the revised protocol and / or request Full Committee Review of the protocol.

This Operating Procedure is only valid if:

  1. signed by all current IACUC voting members or
  2. unanimously agreed to by a roll call vote at a convened meeting in which all IACUC voting members are present.

Any member can request a roll call vote at any convened meeting to rescind this Operating Procedure"

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed at least annually.

The policy will be either approved by a unanimous vote at a convened meeting with all present, or will be signed by all individuals using either physical or electronic signatures.


Guidance to IACUCs Regarding Use of Designated Member Review (DMR) for Animal Study Proposal Review Subsequent to Full Committee Review (FCR) - Notice Number: NOT-OD009-035