Trademark Licensing Information

The names, Michigan Tech, Michigan Technological University, and their accompanying visual marks are registered trademarks of Michigan Technological University. The use of the Michigan Tech name, logos, seals, and/or other symbols of Michigan Technological University, in commercial venture, even fund raising or promotional activities requires prior written approval.

Michigan Tech has partnered with Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) to manage the Michigan Tech Trademark Program.  CLC is a full service trademark licensing agency, and is uniquely positioned to deliver consumer connections and brand visibility for collegiate institutions through impactful licensed merchandise strategies and innovative marketing platforms. Our unmatched licensing and marketing services, the deepest roster of industry experts, the largest enforcement and legal team, and the most comprehensive data platform in licensing combine to drive customized, data-based solutions to navigate our partner institutions through the ever-evolving consumer and retail marketplace.

How can I obtain a license and how do I know if a vendor is licensed?

Any person, business, or organization with an interest in producing items bearing the trademarks of the University need to first obtain a license through CLC. There are two types of licenses available through CLC - a Retail License and an Internal License. Learn more about the license types and apply for a license on the CLC website.

For more information please contact Robin Kolehmainen at 906-487-1927 or