Michigan Tech Entrepreneurial Support Corporation (MTESC) and Superior Innovations (SI)

Established in October 2010, Michigan Tech Entrepreneurial Support Corporation (MTESC) helps University researchers advance through the process of realizing societal and economic impact by commercialization of their discoveries. MTESC's mission is to help move early-stage discoveries from university labs into successful commercial enterprises.

Numerous researchers at Michigan Tech make discoveries and develop inventions that could benefit society by becoming marketable products. Fundamental steps to achieving this ultimate benefit include proof of concept demonstration as well as associated technical and business de-risking activities which are essential to the creation of  start-up companies which can attract investment capital and support applied and translational research activities on the path to end-user implementation. 

MTESC operates as a proof-of-concept center and corporate incubator to enable early stage technologies to be developed into the foundations of viable start-up companies. A gift from a private donor funds MTESC's operating expenses and small, competitive grants.

The MTESC will be a complement to—not a replacement for—current technology and economic development activities in the community, such as those supported by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the MTEC SmartZone, and others.

As a private non-profit corporation MTESC and the affiliated for-profit Superior Innovations, Inc. can operate and seek funding independent of the University in complementary ways. Since 2014, Superior Innovations has provided a total of $117,500 in support of six commercialization projects or companies. This modest investment which filled critical gaps in the early stage development of innovative new technologies has resulted in over $5.6 million in follow-on funding in translational research and development activities within the University and commercialization activities within startup companies formed based on technologies emerging from Michigan Tech’s research labs.

Board of Trustees

The MTESC Board of Trustees consists of individuals selected by the MTESC Board of Directors.  Trustees serve a three year term or until their successors have been elected, whichever is later. Trustees are eligible for reelection, and  reappointment to consecutive terms.  All trustee reelection and appointment activities are conducted at the annual MTESC Board of Directors and Trustees Meetings held during the month of December.