Animal Subjects

At Michigan Technological University, researchers and course directors assure the humane use and care of animals in activities they conduct or which are conducted under their direction. They have a direct responsibility to see that animals are adequately cared for and properly used. Before investigators or course directors can procure animals or initiate any research, testing or instructional project involving the use of vertebrate animals, they must submit an application to and receive approval from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). In reviewing an application, the committee evaluates

  • proposed housing procedures,
  • the health of the animals,
  • provisions for proper veterinary care,
  • measures taken to minimize the number of animals required to produce valid results and any potential pain or discomfort, and
  • the training and experience of the personnel using and caring for the animals.

The committee reviews the scientific merit of the proposed research as it relates to the humane or proper use of animals. The committee performs program reviews and an inspection of facilities at least once every six months.

Through its program, the IACUC ensures that all research associated with Michigan Tech complies with all relevant government rules and regulations.