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Assistance for Northland College Students

Michigan Tech is committed to supporting Northland students.

While choosing a new institution may be a daunting task, Michigan Tech’s faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals. We will work with you to ensure a smooth transition to our institution. Guaranteed on-campus housisng is available to Northland students until July 1, 2024.

Teach-Out and Transfer Information and Resources 

Students from Northland will be classified as either transfer or teach-out depending on total credits earned towards their degree at Northland.

  1. Transfer (57 or fewer credits)
    1. Apply as a transfer student
    2. Tech’s regular transfer admission process will take place, but will be expedited for your benefit
    3. Financial aid will be available and each student will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  2. Teach-Out (58 or more credits)
    1. Contact: Katarina (Kat) Hanson: Northland Student Transfer/Teach-Out Coordinator, 906-487-2745, on next steps.
    2. As a teach-out student, all credits earned towards your degree at Northland will count toards an eligible program at Michigan Tech and certain policies will be waived to help you graduate when you were expecting to.
    3. The programs below are eligible for teach-out through Michigan Tech
    4. The latest term for students to enroll at Michigan Tech as a teach-out student is Spring 2025
Degree Information
Northland College Michigan Tech
BA, Art Therapy

No equivalent

Possible path: MTU major + art minor?

Note: we do not offer an art degree, but could possibly accommodate these courses into an Art Minor that might be able to be a part of another major such as Communication, Culture and Media.

BS, Biology Biological Sciences (BS) or Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
BS, Business Management Economics (BS)
BS, Chemistry Chemistry (BA or BS)
BS, Climate Science Environmental Science and Sustainability (Climate Track) or Physics (BA)
BS, Education (all majors): Elementary/Middle, Secondary, Broad Field Science, Broad Field Social Studies No equivalent
Engineering (Dual degree)

Engineering (BS)

Note: Our BSE would be the most flexible, but, depending on individual interest and class standing, other engineering options may allow students to finish by their expected graduation date.

BA, English English (BA)
BS, Env Geoscience: Geology Geology (BS)
BS, Env. Geoscience: Water Science

Geology (BS) + Ecology Minor or

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (BS) + optional Earth Sciences minor or Chemistry minor or

Environmental Science and Sustainability (BS)

BA, Gender and Women's Studies Social Science (BS) + Diversity Studies Minor
BA, History History (BA)
BA, Humanities Liberal Arts (BA)
Note: we do not have a current webpage for this program, but students in the Liberal Arts BA receive a strong introduction to philosophy, literature, language, communication, art, theater, music, speech and linguistics, as well as technology and business. Such training prepares students for graduate work in literature, creative writing, culture, or rhetoric, and also for careers in law, industry, business, or government, which require similar skills in interpretation, writing, and the analysis of how communication functions.
BA, Humanity and Nature Studies Sustainability Science and Society (BS)
BA, Mathematics Mathematics (BS)
BA, Native American Studies No equivalent
BS, Natural Resources

We have several options to accommodate students depending on a student’s chosen emphasis and ability to attend classes at the Ford Forestry Center.

Standard on-campus options:

Degrees that typically require a semester at the Ford Forestry Center:

BS, Outdoor Education

No equivalent


We have pre-health pathways that can be paired with any major, but the following are popular with our students:

BA, Pre-Law

Social Sciences (BS) Policy, Law, Society concentration or Policy and Community Development (BS) Law concentration

BS, Psychology

Psychology (BS)

BA, Religious Studies

No equivalent

BS, Sociology and Social Justice

Social Sciences (BS)+ minor in Social and Behavioral Studies or Policy and Community Development (BS) Law concentration

BA, Sustainable Community Development

Sustainability Science and Society (BS) or Policy and Community Development (BS) Environment Concentration


BA, Writing

English (BA) + Writing minor or Scientific and Technical Communication (BA)


Prospective First-Year, First-Time College Students

If your intentions were to start your higher education journey with Northland, but you are now considering Michigan Tech, we are excited to discuss this opportunity with you.  

  • Applying to Tech as a first-year, first-time college student is simple and free. 
  • As soon as your application is complete, we will process your application as expeditiously as possible for your benefit.
  • Contact Katarina (Kat) Hanson: Northland Student Transfer/Teach-Out Coordinator, 906-487-2745, with any questions you have.
  • Plan a visit. It is the best way to understand if Michigan Tech is the right future home for you.