The registration process can vary for each student, depending on what they would like to do during registration or the upcoming semester. There are resources and information to prepare and help guide students through this process.

To register online, please sign into BanWeb.

Prepare for Registration

Before their allotted registration period, students should adequately prepare for registration by being familiar with the registration instructions, resources, and forms.

Online Registration

You may register online quickly and conveniently. You will need to login to our secure system. Once logged in, you may review the courses you have already taken, courses available, and courses you are currently enrolled in.

Registration Stoppers

Registration stoppers prohibit or limit registration. If you encountered a registration stopper in BanWeb, we will provide you with further information on what should be done.

Registration Instructions

Our registration instructions outline the step-by-step procedure for registration. Read through our written directions prior to beginning the registration process. You may want to print the directions to reference during registration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our FAQs will answer questions you may have as a new first-year or transfer student

Add/Drop Refund and Withdrawal Schedule

Michigan Technological University maintains updated add/drop refund and withdrawal schedules to guide students as to when they can add or drop a class for a tuition refund and what refund they can expect when they completely withdraw from the University.

Auditing a Course

Students may audit a course to re-familiarize themselves with the course subjects and material. Requests to audit a course must be received in the Registrar's Office by the close of business on Wednesday of the second week of the semester.

University Policies

Michigan Technological University and the Registrar's Office have several policies that guide and shape the registration of students. These include readmission, academic renewal, repeating a course, senior citizen enrollment, senior rule, university withdrawal, and university residency.