Degree Services

Choosing the correct curriculum and degree options can transform how you manage your academic career. There are options available to you if you wish to receive more than just a bachelor’s degree during your undergraduate studies or would like to change your major. Degree Services also has audit forms available to keep your education on track for graduation. 

Change Your Major/Minor/Concentration

Students may use the online curriculum change portlet to request a change to their degree, major, minor and/or concentration.

Double Majors

A double major is a Michigan Tech bachelor's degree with two majors and is granted when requirements of both curricula are satisfied at the same time.

Additional Baccalaureate Degrees

A student enrolled at Michigan Technological University who is currently pursuing or already has a Baccalaureate degree or degrees can obtain an additional Baccalaureate Degree from Michigan Tech.


Minors provide students with the opportunity to take a prescribed set of courses in a discipline outside their major. To earn a minor, students must also be currently enrolled in a bachelors degree program.


certificate is a program of courses that provides a student with knowledge of a disciplinary or interdisciplinary subfield. Departments may offer certificates to both degree seeking and non-degree seeking students.

Degree Audits

A degree audit is a form showing all of the requirements for a specific degree, including elective options and required classes.

uAchieve Interactive Degree Audit

FAQs, tutorial and access to the interactive degree audit.

Minor Audits

A minor audit is a form showing all of the requirements for a specific minor.