Innovation and Commercialization

Technology Commercialization Process

Invention Disclosure Acceptance Criteria

  • Does the disclosure include all information necessary to properly record the disclosure and reasonably document the date of discovery?
  • Does the disclosure provide sufficient information for appropriate communications to all relevant stakeholders (inventors, research sponsors, material suppliers, collaborators, others)?

If criteria is NOT met, then:

IIE Personnel communicate a list and associated description of specific missing required elements to all inventors required for initiation of preliminary assessment.

If criteria IS met, then:

Disclosure form is processed and recorded with notifications and necessary processes followed for sponsor acknowledgement/rights and other institutional obligations.

Commercialization Assessment and Implementation Process Entry Criteria

  • Does the disclosure include sufficient information and is it sufficiently understandable to identify potentially claimable elements of the invention?
  • Does the disclosure provide information supporting identification of specific commercial applications and individual or categorical customer/end-user groups who can be contacted to assess market opportunity and need?

If entry criteria are NOT met, then:

IIE personnel work with inventor(s) to:

  1. Obtain better understanding of what potentially claimable elements are believed to exist within the technology and the supporting logic for belief of novelty and non-obviousness or alternate strategies for proprietary protection and
  2. Identify prospective end-users and customers (individuals, companies, and/or sectors)

If entry criteria ARE met, then:

Case File is updated to include:

  1. Claimable elements within the disclosed technology (or alternate means of proprietary protection).
  2. Market participants, including target end-users, licensees and/strategic partners and high-level value proposition

Technology Commercialization and Implementation Process

A chart showing the technology commercialization process. Text version is below.


For any questions related to technology commercialization and implementation process contact Mike Morley at or 906-487-2228.