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Dresden Hauptbahnhof


From May 9 to May 26, study German culture while exploring the landscape and cities of southeastern Germany. Earn up to 4.5 credits summer session credits meeting general education, Humanities major,

and/or German minor requirements.


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Zugang Felsenbühne, 01847 Rathen, Germany, Rathen
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Program leader for Topics in Germany: Landscapes and Cityscapes by Foot and Public Transportation


Summer 2023 Sciences & Arts Study Abroad Programs 


Topics in Germany: Landscapes and Cityscapes by Foot and Public Transportation | Led by Stephanie Rowe | Humanities

Students will examine the influence of central European history on modern-day German society and the broader world. As students traverse landscapes and cityscapes, they will grow in their awareness of the layers of history over time and place and reimagine how we live in the world and how we address challenges.


Vienna-Prague-Dresden | Led by Lisa Gordillo, Mary Cyr, and Kent Cyr | Visual and Performing Arts

Imagination. Creativity. Local and world histories. Art. Theatre. Music. Design. Vienna-Prague-Dresden is an immersive arts-based experience. The focus of this trip is The Prague Quadrennial ("PQ23") - one of the largest international festivals of theatre, design, and architecture in the world. During the trip, students will explore world heritage sites, study works of art in museums and galleries, attend performances, and reflect on local/global history, culture, and connection.


Amtrak Tourism: Trains, Cities, and Sustainability | Led by Mark Rhodes and Kathryn Hannum | Social Sciences


Crossing Borders: Cumbria, UK | Led by Dan Trepal | Social Sciences


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