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RTC Student Handbook

Find all information regarding coursework, degree requirements, supplementary coursework options, annual student evaluations, and more in the RTC handbook.


Ph.D. Timeline

  • Years 1 and 2: coursework (3 courses/semester for a total of 36 credits)
    • End of second year, choose an advisor and form a qualifying/comprehensive exams committee.
  • Year 3: Comprehensive exams; Dissertation proposal and defense; Petition to enter candidacy.
  • Year 4: Dissertation research and writing.
  • Year 5: Dissertation writing; Job search, Dissertation defense.

M.S. Timeline

  • Year 1: coursework (3 courses/semester; 18 credits total)
    • Summer: Advanced RCR training; if writing a thesis, form an Advisory Committee
  • Year 2: first semester coursework (3 courses/9 credits)
    • Coursework option: second semester (3 courses/9 credits)
    • Thesis option: 9 credits (HU 5990): requires an advisor and the formation of an Advisory Committee of 3 faculty.

Responsible Conduct of Research

The Graduate School requires all graduate students to complete two Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) courses. The Basic course is offered during the new graduate student orientation prior to the start of classes each semester. The course is also offered online. The Advanced RCR requirement can be fulfilled by taking one of the courses offered by various departments. (All are 1 or 2 credits. There are also 3-credit courses that have been authorized as Advanced RCR courses. The department offers a Research Integrity Workshop each summer that fulfills this requirement.

Annual Student Progress Evaluation Form

The annual Student Progress Evaluation Form verifies that students are making timely progress toward degree completion and provides students with feedback concerning degree progress from their advisor and from the program. This form does not record an evaluation of a student’s academic performance. Continued funding and/or enrollment in the RTC program is based on satisfactory progress. This form ensures that students are informed of any concerns that might affect the department’s assessment of their progress and that they are given ample opportunity to remedy those concerns.

Funding Opportunities

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