Graduate Faculty

RTC Program Director

Dana Van Kooy

  • Associate Professor, English in Transnational Literature, Literary Theory and Culture
  • Director, RTC Graduate Program
Transnational and Global Romanticism; Deep Eighteenth Century; Drama and Theatre History; The Atlantic World; Environmental Humanites; Plantationocene; Performance Theory; Literary and Cultural Theory; Gender Studies

Graduate Faculty Members


Sarah Bell

  • Assistant Professor of Digital Media


Michael Bowler

  • Professor of Philosophy


Richard Canevez

  • Assistant Professor, Communication, Culture, & Media, and Humanities
Social Informatics; Peace and Conflict; Social Justice; Social Movements and Resistance


Stephanie Carpenter

  • Assistant Professor, Creative Writing


Sue Collins

  • Associate Professor of Communication, Culture, & Media
  • Associate Chair, Department of Humanities


Andrew Fiss

  • Associate Professor of Technical & Professional Communication
Technical Communication; STS (Science and Technology Studies; Science, Technology, and Society); Science Communication; History and Philosophy of Science and Math; Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary, and Transdisciplinary Education


J. W. Hammond

  • Assistant Professor, Rhetoric and Composition
  • Academy of Teaching Excellence
Writing Assessment; Rhetoric & Composition History; Social Justice & Education; Critical Theories of Race & Disability; Science, Technology, & Society Studies; Knowledge Commons & Infrastructures


Holly Hassel

  • Professor of Composition
  • Director, Composition Program
First-Year Writing; Feminist Pedagogy; Writing Program Administration; Writing Administration; AI and WRiting; Shared Governance


Stefka Hristova

  • Associate Professor of Digital Media, Humanities
  • PEC Tech Forward/IPEC Director
  • Faculty in Communication, Culture, and Media
Visual Studies; Algorithmic Culture; Photography; Critical Theory


Scott Marratto

  • Department Chair, Humanities
  • Associate Professor of Philosophy, Humanities
Continental Philosophy (especially phenomenology); Political Philosophy; Ethics; Philosophy of Science and Technology


Alexandra Morrison

  • Associate Professor of Philosophy, Humanities
  • Ethics and Philosophy Minor Advisor
Continental Philosophy (especially Phenomenology and Existential Thought); Social and Political Philosophy (including Feminist Philosophy); Philosophy and Art (including Literature); Ethical Philosophy; Philosophy of Technology; Engineering Ethics


Jennifer Nish

  • Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition
  • Academy of Teaching Excellence


M. Seigel

  • Associate Professor, Creative Writing & Literature
  • Director, Michigan Tech Writing Center
  • 2021-2022 U.P. Poet Laureate
Editing / Publishing; Emerging Literature; Literary Magazines; Literature in Translation; Poetry / Poetics; Writing Center Administration


Marika Seigel

  • Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • Dean of the Pavlis Honors College
  • Associate Professor, Humanities
Facilitate implementation of Michigan Tech’s undergraduate curriculum; Support ongoing growth in the Pavlis Honors College


Erin Smith

  • Director, Humanities Digital Media Zone
  • Teaching Professor in Digital Media and Cinema, Humanities
  • Faculty Advisor, Cin/Optic Communication and Media Enterprise
Digital Media Production; Documentary Production and Theory; Film Theory and Criticism; Academic Technology Administration; British Literature


Kette Thomas

  • Associate Professor of Diversity and Literature, Humanities
  • Director, Diversity Studies Minor
  • University Senate Secretary


Marcelino Viera

  • Associate Professor of Spanish and Culture Studies