The Writing Center

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The Writing Center is staffed by peer coaches trained to give supportive, warm, welcoming, inclusive, and judgment-free support to both graduate and undergraduate students in their writing projects. Our process is collaborative in nature and encourages skill-building and writing as an iterative process.

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"The writing center has this relaxing atmosphere where I feel more productive when working on my assignments. There is always someone there if I have any questions and the background music is an added bonus!M.N., STC Major, Senior

How Can The Writing Center Help?

Undergraduate Writing Center coaches can help students with:

  • Writing for any Michigan Tech class

  • CVs/resumes, cover letters
  • Personal, research, and scholarly statements
  • Grant and fellowship proposals

  • Creative writing

  • Scientific and technical reports
  • Start-up materials and elevator pitches
  • Classroom and professional presentations
  • Procrastination and writer's block
  • Brainstorming, development, revision, and editing
  • Reading comprehension
  • And more!

Graduate Writing Center coaches can help students with:

  • Thesis/Dissertation Proposals and Chapters
  • Graduate Coursework (e.g., lit reviews, lab reports, seminar papers)
  • Conference Abstracts
  • Personal Statements
  • CVs, Résumés, and Cover Letters
  • Research Article Manuscripts
  • Procrastination and writer's block
  • Brainstorming, development, revision, and editing
  • Grant and Fellowship Proposals
  • Synthesis and Citations
  • And more!

The Writing Center leadership can help faculty with:

  • Instructional support for writing projects in the classroom
  • Supplemental presentations and writing in class (as available)
  • Embedded content into Canvas 
  • Giving meaningful writing feedback
  • Brainstorming writing assignments and implementation
"I think my project turned out better, and I benefited from my visit. I would recommend to my friends. My coach was very friendly and I really appreciated their help, they made it feel like everything was a bit more manageable."Student Visitor

How to Make an Appointment

Students can reserve an appointmentafter making an account in the mywconline system. We currently offer both in-person and online Zoom appointments. You are also welcome to stop by for a walk-in meeting! Refer to the step by step instructions for making an appointment.

The Writing Center’s Mission

Founded in 1975 as the Language Skills Lab, the Michigan Tech Writing Center has operated in a variety of guises over the years. One thing has never changed—our commitment to offering undergraduate students collaborative, peer-to-peer coaching on multimodal writing projects of all kinds, at all stages of development, in a setting that is welcoming, inclusive, and free of judgment.
From English to Electrical Engineering, all disciplines at Michigan Tech are writing intensive. While our discourse communities and conventions may differ, we are all storytellers, using language to analyze, clarify our thinking, synthesize our ideas, and effectively communicate those ideas with others. Woven poorly and without intention, our storytelling has the power to disorient and divide. But with care and craft, it can also have the power to illuminate and inspire, giving us all the chance to communicate more effectively toward a healthy, just, and equitable world.
"The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself." — Albert Camus

"The project I came in to discuss DID turn out better than it would have if I didn’t visit the Writing Center. I definitely benefited from the writing center and will recommend it."Student Visitor