Giving Opportunities

Help Build The Future In Humanities

Your generous gifts have a direct impact on the lives of students and faculty members. Through your donation, you are investing in the future of humanities education and research.

As a graduate in the humanities at a technological university, you understand the role the humanities plays in addressing ethical problems in and emerging from the technological world. Humanities brings a critical humanistic perspective to Michigan Tech.

You know that it requires a human knowledgeable in culture and communication to understand what is emerging from the technical world and translate its benefits, constraints, and dangers for others to understand. Like you, today's students study composition, literature, modern languages, philosophy, rhetoric, visual studies, linguistics, gender studies, and technical communication, and they graduate with expertise in communication across contexts. They leave Tech able to work at the critical intersection of STEM with ethics, culture, and experience.

What Your Gift Could Accomplish

Gifts like yours have helped us to create and operate the Humanities Digital Media Zone, or HDMZ, a technology-rich and people-friendly space that now routinely serves hundreds of students each semester. High-end PCs and Macs contain the latest software packages our students use for classroom and Enterprise projects; software they will also use in careers beyond their Tech years. The space includes a digital media studio, laptop classroom, private recording and listening rooms, and lots, lots more. The facility is funded by your donations.

Donor- and State-matching opportunities are available. Contact Scott Marratto at to explore ways your support can multiply—ensuring your gift has maximum impact.

Giving Needs

There are a variety of needs in the Department which can be met when you make your gift today.

Department of Humanities

Please consider making your gift to the Department of Humanities Fund. Your gift to the Department of Humanities Fund supports the department's greatest needs, including:

  • Student and faculty travel to professional conferences and seminars
  • Graduate and undergraduate research
  • Recognizing outstanding performance
  • Production of publications, presentations, and programs that bring pride to our program and Michigan Tech.

Your gift, big or small, will have a real impact on our amazing students and faculty.

Give Now to the Department of Humanities Fund

Digital Media Zone (HDMZ)

Your gift to the Digital Media Zone Fund supports a showcase media and digital production lab, a state-of-the-art resource for graphic design, digital media, document production, and other digitally-managed projects. We continually strive to provide our students with the latest hardware, software, and furniture in the HDMZ.

Give Now to the Digital Media Zone Fund

The Writing Center

Your gift to the Writing Center Fund supports the Writing Center's commitment to providing all Huskies with collaborative writing support in a welcoming, responsive, and judgment-free setting. The Center offers both undergraduate and graduate learning center support, as well as writing across the curriculum support for faculty and staff. Funding for training, conferences, supplies, equipment, and software to support undergraduate coaches enhances the services delivered by the Center and the experiences of the coaches.

Give Now to the Writing Center Fund


"It was an honor to be part of the HDMZ renovation; to be able to play a part in creating a new functional focal point for Walker is personally rewarding and also an opportunity for us to give back to the university and current students. The HDMZ lab is as inviting as it is functional. It’s a creative atmosphere that the Humanities department can take pride in, and it’s form and function mirror the familiarity and capability our STC/STA students can bring to a variety of communications."Sean Fernstrum, Donor