Applying to English and Liberal Arts

Michigan Technological University students who wish to major in English Education are required to meet with the English Education Program Coordinator, the Humanities Department's Undergraduate Academic Advisor, and the University Certification Officer in Cognitive and Learning Sciences. Schedule a visit and we will be happy to sit down with you!

Students who have maintained a 2.75 overall GPA are eligible to apply to the English Education Program no earlier than their sophomore year. The application process consists of an interview with the English Education Program Coordinator followed by submitting a transcript and writing samples to the Coordinator and Academic Advisor (a letter of introduction, and two coursework papers). Faculty in the English program review the applicant's materials to determine his or her suitability for the program, then email with an acceptance or denial of application (usually within one week).

Once the applicant has been accepted, they should meet with the Certification Officer and their Undergraduate Academic Advisor.