Alexandra Morrison

Alexandra Morrison


  • Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Humanities
  • PhD (Philosophy) University of Guelph
  • MA, BA (Philosophy) University of Toronto


My research focuses on the Continental Philosophical tradition (especially Phenomenology and Existentialism) and Social and Political Philosophy. I also work in the areas of Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Art, Philosophy and Literature, the Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Ethics. I am currently completing a book manuscript that addresses the ethical implications of Martin Heidegger’s phenomenological descriptions of subjectivity, community and finitude. My future projects will include research into the kinds of technological environments most conducive to character and community development with the help of philosophers like Merleau-Ponty, Bruno Latour and Peter-Paul Verbeek. I’m currently launching an interdisciplinary project in engineering ethics with faculty and graduate students in the computer sciences. We hope to promote a robust ethical literacy throughout the university community by stimulating interdisciplinary conversations about ethical issues that arise throughout the entire engineering design process.

Research Areas

  • Continental Philosophy (especially Phenomenology and Existential Thought)
  • Social and Political Philosophy (including Feminist Philosophy)
  • Philosophy and Art (including Literature)
  • Ethical Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Technology
  • Engineering Ethics