Marika Seigel

Marika Seigel
"We do not use technologies so much as we live them. One begins to think differently of users when one notices that tools include persons as functioning parts."
—Langdon Winner


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  • Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Technical Communication, Humanities
  • Director of Composition
  • PhD, Pennsylvania State University


Dr. Marika Seigel’s scholarship explores intersections between rhetoric, technical communication, usability research, and feminist theory. Dr. Seigel has recently published two books from the University of Chicago Press: a scholarly monograph, The Rhetoric of Pregnancy, and a companion e-book, Expecting: A Brief History of Pregnancy Advice. Her work has also appeared in College Composition and Communication, Technical Communication, and Rhetoric Review. She teaches courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels in technical communication, rhetoric, and usability.

In addition to her research and teaching, Dr. Seigel serves as the Faculty Academic International Coordinator, helping Michigan Tech faculty to develop and implement study abroad courses. Dr. Seigel also leads study abroad courses herself; most recently, she brought a group of students studying technical communication to Estonia. She also coordinates the internship program for the Department of Humanities and advises the Society for Technical Communication's Michigan Tech student chapter.