Great Lakes Research Center

Visiting Scholars and Partners

Visiting scholars on a research dive.

At the Great Lakes Research Center, our work is never done. With so much left to discover about the Great Lakes basin, we continue to depend on our visiting scholars and corporate partners to keep us moving forward. We invite you to explore the research, labs, and resources our Center offers—and to join our team. Together, we can further our understanding of this valuable natural resource.

Access to High-Tech Resources

By partnering with the Great Lakes Research Center, visiting scholars gain access to a variety of cutting-edge tools. Three Flex Labs allow for short-term, specialized research and are assigned to visiting scientists, industry partners, and Michigan Tech faculty who require a customizable lab space.

Equipment available to all researchers, visiting scholars, and industry partners includes:

Cold-Regions Research

You don’t have to venture to the Arctic to have amazing winter research opportunities. At the GLRC, we specialize in cold-weather research. With an average annual snowfall of 250 inches, countless crisp days, and a handful of blizzards each winter, Center researchers study above, on, and below the surface of the Great Lakes in all seasons.

Current cold-weather research projects include:

  • Nutrient cycling in ice-covered near-shore streams
  • Impact of wind, waves, and ice on offshore structures and instrumentation