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An online water resources modeling certificate can help you model a stream in a forest.
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Earn Your Water Resources Modeling Certificate Online from One of the Top Universities in the Nation for STEM.

Learn to harness one of Earth’s most abundant and precious resources with a graduate certificate in water resources modeling from Michigan Tech. Earn a water resources certificate online to prepare for an exciting career managing water resources.

If you’re like most students considering this program, you’re probably asking, “What is water resources modeling?”

Water resources modeling is a branch of engineering that focuses on solving complicated, open-ended, real-world water resources problems in natural and built systems. It solves these problems by first a) researching and conducting decision making analysis; and then b) developing and executing models using state of the practice technologies. This branch of engineering also involves using programming to manage large datasets; and validate, calibrate, and optimize models for design.

Some projects that water resource engineers participate in include planning and creating artificial lakes and ponds, designing rain gardens and bioswales, and creating other green infrastructure. From managing wastewater to preparing for droughts to managing and mitigating floods, professionals with a water resources modeling certificate protect and responsibly use water to ensure the well-being of every person on Earth.

In short, water resources modeling is a branch of engineering that recognizes that water is an integral part of any ecosystem, a precious natural resource, and a social and economic good.

Build on Your Science or Engineering Background with a Water Resources Modeling Certificate.

Our water resources modeling program is math- and science-intensive. So, if your background is in one of the physical sciences, geosciences, computational sciences, or engineering, you can boost your skills set in our data-driven program. You will gain in-depth modeling experience using real-world case studies in a hydrologic, 2D hydrodynamic, or hydraulic system.

Why Earn Your Water Resources Certificate Online at MTU?

At Michigan Tech, we help produce some of the top engineers and researchers in the world. That’s why Forbes ranks Michigan Tech among the top 25 best STEM colleges in the nation. The water resources modeling program at MTU is also highly respected by employers for the rigor of its curriculum and the expertise of its graduates.

When you earn your water resources certificate online from MTU, rest assured that you’re joining the #3 best accredited online college in Michigan and one of the top water resources modeling certificate online programs available. Your water resources modeling certificate will provide you with everything you need to excel in this data-driven world, including the following:

  • Experiential learning: Your water resources modeling courses integrate multi-part, real-world problem solving using practical applications of theory and relevant engineering projects.
  • Renowned faculty: You will work closely with award-winning researchers in their fields — including nationally recognized engineers, environmental and hydrodynamic scientists, and committee leaders.
  • Career preparation: 98% of our water resources modeling students are employed in their field or accepted to graduate programs within six months of graduation.

Take Essential Online Courses.

At MTU, you’ll learn firsthand about water resources modeling, thanks to engaging and challenging courses covering a diverse range of topics, which include water quality engineering, hydrodynamic modeling, and limnology.

Every water resources modeling student will choose three courses that fit their interests and professional goals.

Waterfalls in the Fall season.

Possible Courses

  • River and Floodplain Hydraulics
  • Water Resources System Modeling and Design
  • Water Quality Modeling in Natural Systems
  • Introduction to Hydrodynamic Modeling
  • Advanced Groundwater Engineering and Remediation

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Join A Passionate and Active Community.

Through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous online courses, you can create the course of study that works for you. Meet with professors and advisors for one-on-one virtual meetings to review coursework, gain industry expertise, and make lasting professional connections that can help you find the ideal career.

Complete your 9-credit water resources certificate online in as few as two semesters. We’re here to help you. Learn about financial aid options

"Through all of the HEC-RAS and Aquaveo materials we went through, I have been in such a unique position at my current job because I have quite a bit of experience in these areas where a lot of my colleagues don't!"Jenna Koenig, Water Resources Modeling Certificate, 2022

What Can You Do With a Water Resources Modeling Certificate?

Water resources modeling is about solving some of the most important issues today, such as climate change, water scarcity, and the demands of growing populations.

Here are some popular jobs you can find with a water resources modeling certificate:

  • Water Resources Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Environmental Test Engineer
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Environmental Consultant

Get Started on Your Online Water Resources Certificate.

Take the next step on your journey at Michigan Tech and join one of the top water resources modeling programs in the nation. We are here to answer your questions and to help you succeed in your online program.

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