Structural Engineering Focus—Online MS

Design Structures as a Civil Engineer

Our online Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree program prepares you to design, build, analyze, and lead advanced civil and structural engineering projects anywhere in the world.

The program is focused on structural engineering and expanding your capabilities as a civil engineer. Learn advanced design techniques, including seismic design. Examine structural dynamics, dig deeper into building code, and further examine the materials that create our world. Build the real-world skill set required to take the lead on more advanced civil engineering projects, pursue new career opportunities, and succeed in supervisory roles.


Advanced design courses emphasize both material-specific building limit state behavior, as well as building code interpretation for timber, masonry, prestressed concrete, RC buildings, and structural steel. 10 courses can be completed in as few as five semesters.

Semesters offered for courses below refer to on-campus courses. Check Online Courses and Registration for available online courses for upcoming semesters.