Application Process

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Applying to Michigan Technological University to pursue an online degree or certificate is both free and fast. Apply today, and we'll help you through the rest of the process.

Step 1: Apply Online

Fill out a free online application. You will need to select the appropriate application type before creating an account:

  • Prospective graduate students should choose the Online Graduate Program Application (Domestic or International) application type.
    • For prospective graduate students who are US citizens, permanent residents, currently in the US on a valid visa, Canadian citizens, Canadian permanent residents, or Australian citizens who plan to pursue an online graduate certificate, master’s degree, doctoral degree or take non-degree seeking classes
    • You must hold at least a bachelor's degree to apply
  • Prospective undergraduate students (non-degree or certificate) should choose the Online Courses Non-Degree-Seeking application type.
    • Students will be identified as first-year students for the purpose of admission and scholarship consideration
    • Michigan Tech does not offer fully online undergraduate degrees. On-campus students may take online courses to supplement their degree.
  • Dual enrollment students should complete the Dual Enrollment application type.

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Step 2: Receive Account Information

  • Prospective graduate students will be mailed a letter with their Michigan Tech account information within 5-10 business days. You can then upload the necessary additional application documents. Learn more about the application process for our Graduate School.
  • Prospective undergraduate students have completed the application process and will be notified of their admission status. Learn more about our undergraduate application requirements through our Admissions Office.
  • Students applying for dual enrollment will need to submit additional materials before they will be notified of their admission status. You can learn more about our dual enrollment application requirements through our Admissions Office.

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