Water Resources Engineering Focus—Online MS

Manage Water Resources as a Civil Engineer

Our online Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree program with a focus in Water Resources Engineering prepares you to design, plan, and manage advanced water resources projects ranging from site to watershed scales.

The program is focused on water resources engineering and expanding your capabilities as a civil engineer. Learn advanced design and modeling techniques in hydraulics and hydrology. Topics include those that are critical in today's changing world, such as:

  • climate change adaptation
  • water supply reliability and affordability
  • low-impact stormwater management
  • ecosystem restoration
  • flood risk reduction
  • and infrastructure renewal.


Advanced courses emphasize theory and modeling of water resources projects. All courses listed here are currently offered either remotely, online, or both.

30 credits are required, at least 15 of which must be in water resources engineering courses with cognate courses also an option (see below for a list). The degree can be completed in anywhere from 2 to 10 semesters, depending on how many courses are taken at a time.

Semesters offered for courses below refer to on-campus courses. Check Online Courses and Registration for available online courses for upcoming semesters.

CEE 5730 is required.

Water Resources Engineering Courses

Cognate Courses