Cash Advances

A cash advance is an authorized payment of money (via check or direct deposit) by the University to an individual in support of anticipated travel expenses for University business. Employees with access to a University Purchasing Card are encouraged to use the card for allowable travel expenses.

Cash advances are considered a loan that is repaid by completing a Travel Expense Report. Any unused amount must be returned to the University via the Cashier's Office or Online Non-Student Payment Portal. Cash advances will not be issued to individuals who have an outstanding balance with Michigan Tech.

Requesting a Cash Advance

Employee requests for cash advances are done by submitting a Request report in Concur which is forwarded for approvals. Additional information can be found on the Concur webpage. Non-employee requests for advances are to be made on a Request for Cash Advanceform approved by a department dean/chair/director, at a minimum, or the next-higher level of authority.

A cash advance to or on behalf of a non-University individual (non-employee and non-student) will only be issued upon the specific written pre-approval of the appropriate Provost/Vice President, which is to be attached to the Request for Cash Advance form. This form is to be signed by the traveler and an employee of the University (department chair or higher). The employee(s) signing the form will be held responsible for proper accounting.

Checks are normally issued on Thursdays. If an emergency exists and funds are needed immediately, the employee may hand-deliver the approved form to Financial Services and Operations, have it reviewed, and, if approved, receive cash from the Cashier's Office (versus a check) for the amount requested.


The employee who is responsible for obtaining an advance for a non-employee, when authorized, must do the following:

  1. Complete a Request for Cash Advance.
    1. Include the traveler's name, identification number, mailing address, department, and amount
    2. Select payment type
      • Indicate whether the amount should be paid by check or direct deposit. If payable by check, indicate whether the check should be held for pickup or sent to the department
    3. Note the destination
    4. Fill in departure date and return date
    5. Include the University index that will fund the travel expenses.
    6. Indicate the business purpose of the travel
    7. Explain the benefits derived from the travel
    8. Obtain signatures on the form:
      • Signature of the traveler
      • Signature of the department dean, chair, director or higher
  2. Email the request to Financial Services and Operations at
  3. Retain a copy for departmental records.
  4. Report any cash advances on a paper Travel Expense Report upon completion of travel.

Note: Advances are considered to be loans to persons to/for whom issued, regardless of form (check, cash, direct deposit); disposition of advances must be accounted for within ten days of completed travel via the submission of a Travel Expense Report for non-employees and via a Concur Travel Expense report for employees. The report would include a receipt for the return of any unused monies, if applicable.