Financial Services and Operations

Travel Expense Codes

Travel on Purchasing Card

Purchasing card allowable travel expenses are 

  • airline tickets,
  • registrations (conference fees),
  • lodging, and
  • car rentals.

The cardholder is responsible for reallocating all travel charged on the purchasing card from expense account code E210 to a travel expense account code. Travel expense account codes that can be used for travel charged on your purchasing card are listed below.

On Access Online (Axol), where possible we have defaulted to certain Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) for specific travel expenses codes—indicated below by "auto allocated." For example: Airline tickets are auto allocated to E711. In Axol, a description must be added that includes the traveler's name, date of travel, destination, and reason for travel—the who, when, where, and why.

If you need help with doing reallocations on Axol, see  Access Online—Purchasing Card Statements and Reallocations instructions.

Allowable on Purchasing Card
E760 Travel Expenses—No Lodging some auto allocated
E719A Non-employee Travel—Airline Ticket  
E719 Non-employee Travel  
E718 Group Travel  
E717C Foreign Travel—Canada  
E717A Foreign Travel—Airline Ticket  
E717 Foreign Travel  
E715 Domestic Travel  
E711 Airline Tickets auto allocated—reallocate to E717A if foreign
E710 Travel—Car Rental/Bus Charter  
E708 Lodging and Lodging Deposits auto allocated—reallocate to E717 if foreign
E701 Conference Fees  
Prohibited on Purchasing Card
E770 Relocation and Moving Expenses  
E750 Travel—Mileage Allowance  
E722X Entertainment—Off Campus  
E721 Meals—Individuals  
E720 Banquets and Dinners  
E716 Taxable Travel Expenses—Dependent Care  
E714 Taxable Travel Expenses—Meals  
E710C Charter Travel  
E707 Business Meal Expenses-On Campus  
E706 Business Meal Expenses-Off Campus  
E705 Business Meal Expenses  
E702 Travel/Business Meals and Seminars