Husky Bites Professional Learning

Welcome K-12 Teachers and Counselors!

Husky Bites Live Session
Husky Bites Live Session

What are you doing for supper this fall, Monday night at 6 (ET)? Join Dean Janet Callahan and special guests for Husky Bites, a free, interactive Zoom webinar.

Hungry for some brain food, but not the full meal? Each week a Michigan Tech faculty member presents a mini lecture, a bite, during Husky Bites. Also joining in—one of their colleagues, or former or current students.

Grab some supper, or just flop down on your couch. This family-friendly event is BYOC (Bring Your Own Curiosity). Learn something new in 30 minutes (or so) plus time after for Q&A.


There are three ways to participate as a Husky Bites professional learner.

For all participants, show your intent to participate by filling out the Husky Bites Professional Learning (HBPL) Sign-Up Form.

Professional Learning Bites (PLB)

Watch a Husky Bites session and submit a short reflection. Earn 1 SCECH for each session, up to 11 SCECHs for Fall 2021.

The first PLB is the Husky Bites session on September 13, 2021. 

Fill out the HBPL Sign-Up Form by the end of September to maximize your participation. (You can sign up and earn SCECHs through Nov. 30, 2021).

Professional Learning Community (PLC)

Want to learn more about sustainability engineering?

Join the Husky Bites Sustainability PLC. Earn 9 SCECHs.

For Fall 2021, the PLC is focused on sustainability. PLC members will watch 5 Husky Bites sessions on sustainability topics. Participants will contribute to 2 (1 ½ hours) PLC sessions.

The PLC begins October 14, 2021, so fill out the HBPL Sign-Up Form by October 7, 2021.

PLC Agenda and Learning Outcomes

Participate in Both

Participate in both professional learning options and earn up to 15 SCECHs: 

  • 9 for the PLC 
  • and up to 6 more for watching the remaining Husky Bites sessions (PLBs).

Husky Bites Professional Learning Sign-Up

Earn free SCECHs.

By filling out the HBPL Sign-Up Form, you will receive more information about how to participate. Regardless of which professional learning option you choose, you may engage with Husky Bites sessions either live or later. Either way, you can earn FREE SCECHs.