Anxiety is a normal response to a perceived danger or threat to one’s well-being or self-esteem. Intense academic competition, fear of inadequacy regarding an academic challenge, or relationship discord may be sources of anxiety. Symptoms associated with anxiety include feelings of losing control, rapid heartbeat, chest pain or discomfort, dizziness, sweating, and trembling. The student may

  • be confused,
  • be agitated,
  • have difficulty concentrating or making decisions,
  • worry excessively, and/or
  • be too overwhelmed to take action.

Students may suffer from a wide range of anxious conditions, which includes panic attacks. Panic attacks result in severe physical symptoms that can lead to the fear that one is dying. Some students may have a generalized anxiety, which can impact their ability to perform academically by affecting concentration, memory, information processing, and comprehension.

If you observe a student struggling with anxiety: