Adjunct Faculty

Katherine Heckman

Katherine Heckman

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Chemistry


Heckman currently acts as administrator and  coordinator for the Radiocarbon Collaborative, a program designed to increase earth system  researcher access to radiocarbon analysis. Heckman works with academic and government  researchers to integrate radiocarbon analysis into their climate change and carbon cycle research,  and also offers assistance with data interpretation and manuscript preparation. Work supported  by the Radiocarbon Collaborative ranges from wildlife conservation to terrestrial C cycle  research.

  • Associate Professor, Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering
  • Affiliated Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
  • Affiliated Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Links of Interest

Teaching Interests

  • Physical-Chemical Treatment Processes
  • Environmental Process and Design
  • Computational Environmental Engineering and Chemistry

Research Interests

  • Sustainable water and wastewater treatment and management
  • Development of assessing and predicting tools for water treatment technologies
  • Innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies for energy saving and harvesting
  • Systematic and integrated understanding of water and wastewater reuse
  • Application of computational chemistry and molecular modeling
ManishKumar B. Shrivastava

ManishKumar B. Shrivastava

  • Staff Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Adjunct Professor, Chemistry, Michigan Technological University


  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Secondary Organic Aerosols
  • Regional and Global Earth Systems Modeling
  • Climate and Health impacts
  • Environmental Sciences