Faculty + Student Work

Art at Michigan Tech is vibrant, engaged, and smart.


Our faculty are working artists with diverse perspectives. Our students come from many backgrounds. 

Charcoal drawing of fabric and deer skull
Student still life from Drawing I

"Several times in my art classes at Michigan Tech I got to be part of an "aha" moment as we realized in art, we could make the things we wanted to, without worrying so much about the tolerances, functionality requirements, and statics of materials. Art classes here provide an incredible opportunity for students who normally focus on exact answers or "best" solutions to change the way they think about everything."Aaron Christianson, Theatre and Entertainment Technology (art minor), 2020

a sculpture in a field
Dysfunction Construction. David Goldfarb (2021).

"I think what I have taken the most out of my art classes is that art has no limits."Kassie Baril, Student Gallery Assistant, 2017-2020

A blue red and pink painting
Study of Norval Morriseau's Shaman and Apprentice by Via Oullette Ballas and Makenzie Wentela. Scenic Art class (2018).
"My experience was a healthy reminder of who I was and who I wanted to be. It sparked the momentum to become who I am now."Cambry Wade, Theatre and Entertainment Technology (art minor), 2017

About Our Faculty


Panels of painted fabric hanging in the woods
Installation by faculty artist Anne Beffel at the School of Forest Resources Ford Center Forest.

Anne Beffel

Anne Beffel

Professor, Visual and Performing Arts


Anne’s work builds on community and draws from art traditions such as social practice. In her work, Anne hopes to encourage more generous and empathetic interactions among neighbors and strangers in situations they routinely encounter. Anne teaches courses in drawing, creativity, and mindfulness.

colorful painted circles
Detail from Every Color of Eyes. Faculty artist Anne Beffel

Terri Jo Frew

Terri Jo Frew

Lecturer, Visual and Performing Arts


Terri Frew is an illustrator, fiber and conceptual artist whose work breaks the boundaries between “art” and “craft.” Her favorite methods of expression include (but aren’t limited to) embroidery and drawing. She teaches Art Appreciation, art + design, and Drawing at Michigan Tech.

an ink drawing of a dinosaur skeleton with flowers
Don't Worry, Queen, the Blood Has Long Run Down into the Earth. Faculty artist Terri Jo Frew

Lisa Gordillo

Lisa Gordillo

Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts


Lisa is a sculptor, painter, and designer. She is most interested in the connections between people and places. Lisa teaches sculpture, drawing, and design. 

a person in a field, wearing a colorful onesie
Performance of The Sleep Stack (and other stories). Faculty artist Lisa Gordillo