School of Technology


Eugene Levin, CP

  • Associate Professor, School of Technology; Program Chair, Surveying Engineering
  • Director, Integrated Geospatial Technology Graduate Program
  • Faculty Advisor, Digital Mapping Enterprise

Research Interests

  • Integrated geospatial technologies for sustainable development
  • Mobile mapping platforms for geographical and environmental studies
  • SAR- and LIDAR-based remote sensing and GIS
  • Geosensorics, real-time networks of geosensors
  • Human-computer symbiosis for knowledge extraction and expertise transfer
  • Visual perception in remote sensing and GIS
  • 3-D geospatial visualization and augmented reality
  • Visual and automated feature extraction in multispectral and hyperspectral image interpretation
  • Geospatial-sensor modeling and calibration
  • Image processing and automated feature extraction from aerial and satellite imagery
  • Automated systems for vision-based autonomous navigation and control of manned/unmanned robotic platforms
  • Image fusion and analysis
  • Photogrammetry of aerial and high-resolution satellite imagery

Teaching Interests

  • Earth observation systems
  • Geodesy
  • Photogrammetry
  • Geospatial technologies, data, and systems
  • Global positioning systems
  • Remote sensing
  • LIDAR-, SAR-/InSAR-based remote sensing
  • Geospatial 3-D visualization
  • Geospatial imaging: perception and interpretation
  • Introductory and advanced GIS
  • Spatial analysis and modeling
  • Spatial decision support
  • Cartography and cybercartography

Joseph Foster, PS, PLS

  • Professor of Practice, School of Technology

Teaching Interests

  • Introduction to land surveying
  • Route and construction surveying
  • Survey field practice
  • Professional practice review

Michael T. Drewyor, PE, PS

  • Professor of Practice, School of Technology
  • Roland A. Mariucci Professor of Practice, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Faculty Advisor: Associated Schools of Construction (ASC); Men's Club Ice Hockey Team (Wolfpack) and Roller Hockey Team

Teaching Interests

  • Estimating software and automating
  • Structural steel, concrete, masonry and timber
  • Project delivery systems

Research Interests

  • Construction estimating
  • Project delivery systems
  • Building construction methods and materials
  • Building utility systems
  • Structural design -- steel, concrete, masonry, timber
  • Senior design (capstone classes)
  • Professional practice
  • Boundary surveying
  • Land subdivision and planning